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line even held the world record for the most customizable mouse thanks to the insane amount of configuration adjustments possible. The result is what is most likely the best FPS designed mouse ever. since the series was started, mainly because I am a rabid gamer but also I am a puzzle geek and the R. To me, this was mind boggling tech and I wondered which out of those amazing configurations would be the one to suit me. series mice and by far the most outstanding the the R. The wheel has it’s own optical sensor enabling it to read the surface independently of the rest of the mouse giving it unique precision and sensitivity. This enables a brand new ability that is elegant in it’s simplicity yet a huge game changer in the FPS genre: scroll wheel strafing. Pro X they have added to the customization once more but streamlined other aspects to make every adjustment and innovation directly impact gameplay. 7 was the ultimate gaming puzzle holding the Guinness Book of World Record’s record for “Most Customizable Mouse” with 1,344 configurations. Besides having three different interchangeable scroll wheels to such your fancy or play style the wheel itself is a marvel of customization.

you pop your enemy while still in cover then smoothly lean back.

Mad Catz has long been one of the leaders in customization when it comes to gaming mice. Instead of stepping out or relying on other buttons to hopefully provide a lean out you simply slide your finger up onto the scroll wheel and lean it the direction you want and BAM!

Some adjustments were practically crucial to a gamer’s play while others were just there to make the mouse look cool, not that there is anything wrong with that. Features: Hands On: It has been a dream of mine to get hands on with a R. My luck and finances never allowed me to get ahold of one (I might still one day) but that’s fine since I finally did get my hands on a couple of R. Imagine you are behind cover, pinned down and you hear a clip change out.

Just wanted to let you know that :iconcastmount.deviantart.com/: is selling a colored in version of your line art as a print.

Here's the picture, [link]I have no idea if he has permission for that or not, but, I'd thought I'd pass this along, just in case.