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After inventing an app that was downloaded almost 2 million times, Pasternak was courted by big tech players like Facebook and Apple.Now he has moved from Sydney to the US to start his own company, with the backing of some top venture capitalists. Something else has caught your eye, you need to boost your home deposit, you need to post bail, anything. (Melbourne, 9th Jan 2014) A thief, posing as a potential customer has stolen a recent model Rolex Daytona from a pregnant Melbourne woman and her partner in a Gumtree deal gone very wrong.We hope for the sake of the owner that the watch is recovered, and would generally advise anyone buying or selling a watch to avoid Gumtree, as it is rife with fake watches and (evidently) fake buyers.I think by doing what I'm doing now I just get, you know, nine, 10 years' head start.Warren Harrison posted an advertisement on classifieds website Gumtree to sell his 2015 Ducati 899 Panigale in August and met with a potential buyer named Steve Williams at his Glen Waverly home, east of Melbourne on Wednesday.I have my own source of awkward interactions with random strangers: I’m on Gumtree. The inquisitor Some buyers would be better suited to the International Court of Justice than the homewares section of Gumtree.

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You’ve gone to an authorised second hand dealer, they’ve offered a price you think you can beat by selling it yourself. The proceeds of the sale were to assist with the costs of having the baby. The couple (who were asking ,000AUD btw), did the right thing by arranging to meet the bogus buyer in a public place (in this case a café at Doncaster Shopping Centre), but the thief, upon trying on the watch, ran away with it.When she told the seller he was on his way, the seller insisted he wait outside the house until her own husband returned home. When you try to launch your new dinghy, only to have the bottom fall out, for example.Facebook kids’ groups regularly feature warnings about sellers who collect busted prams or car seats from the kerb during council clean-ups then list them for sale despite safety flaws.HOME | EVENTS | REGISTER | HOW | FAQ | SPECIALS | CONTACT - To view SPEED DATING EVENTS or to REGISTER for weekly email updates. Sydney is generally regarded as Australia's capital for Speed Dating popularity, but Melbourne can't be too far behind in our opinion. Depending on your social life it could take months....Melbourne has an excellent night life and great atmosphere. The reason why Speed Dating popularity has sky-rocketed is it quite simply takes the time and awkwardness out of dating. Well not at a Melbourne Speed Dating Event, you get to do it in just 2 hours!! Even the fussiest would have to pick at least one or two!!At Melbourne Speed Date we give you the chance to meet 15 singles for six minutes each.YOU get to see what this person looks like with your own eyes.YOU get to find out what this person is all about, and see how compatible the two of you are. YOU make the decision if you would like to see that person again. So now you can see why Speed Dating is so popular and effective here in Melbourne. – Before the meet, always speak to the buyer on the phone beforehand, and trust your gut if anything feels wrong about them or their story.If meeting in person, only accept cash and never meet at your house.