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And sometimes, some of us, take an irreversible step plunging into shadows.

Youth suicide has been a serious problem in many countries over the past four decades; with school counselors, school personnel, psychologists and social workers attempting to prevent, detect and secure assistance for the students.

On 12 May the Centro Universitario de Estudios e Investigaciones de Vulcanologia - Universidad de Colima reported that during the previous week seismic data revealed 26 high-frequency events, 21 long-period events, 2.5 hours of tremor, 12 landslides, and three low-intensity explosions.

WATCH: Sophie Lui answers a few personal questions for Global BC viewers.There was also substantial coverage of the 2015 eruptions by major news outlets.Explosive activity in 2015 was extensive, resulting in the Washington VAAC issuing 751 advisories during the year.However, plants were being grown in a soilless culture far earlier than this.Hydroponics is at least as ancient as the pyramids.Hydroponics, the growing of plants without soil, has developed from the findings of experiments carried out to determine what substances make plants grow and the composition of plants.Such work on plant constituents dates back as early as the 1600s.Life brings different experiences, challenges and lessons.Sometimes we find ourselves at the edge of darkness, uncertain and lost.Sophie Lui began co-anchoring Global BC News Hour, alongside Chris Gailus, in 2015.Prior to that, she co-hosted Global BC News Morning.