Fujitsu siemens bios updating

When it works, the processor (CPU) heats up and the heat sing heats up too.

At some temperature level, the fan kicks in and cools down the heatsink.

Some laptops give you an easy access to the heatsink and fan.

In laptops like that you can access the cooling module through the bottom cover. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to remove the fan and access the heatsink.

The problem starts when the cooling module collects too much dust inside.

The dust kills normal airflow inside the cooling module.

Before i pay another money i decided to first try updating the motherboard BIOS however i can not find it on internet.

It will also include a certificate of authenticity (COA) and product key to unlock the operating system. We will begin taking orders on June 26 th at but the upgrade packages will not begin shipping until after October 22, 2009 - Windows 7 General Availability (GA).

A: The Windows 7 Upgrade Package that will ship out after the Windows 7 GA includes an operating system that can support English, French and Spanish; however, the disc with drivers and applications are for English only.

Download the updated BIOS from Fujitsu, check the read me file for how to upgrade it.

You may be able to create a boot-able CD with the BIOS update in or if available a boot-able floppy disc (obviously you need a FDD built in or a USB one) but if you cant change the boot order you need to be able to update from within Windows or hope that it will boot from the alternative drive.