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This guide is for Alaska teens and the adults in their lives.

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I was, and still am, deeply shocked at what people are capable of doing."Because of these experiences I am now afraid to go out at night alone.

On July 11, 2016, Larry Darnell Gordon, an inmate, opened fire on the third floor of the Berrien County Courthouse in St.

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Pulled from the Meridian, Idaho, high school supplemental reading list (2014) after some parents complained that the novel “discusses masturbation, contains profanity, and has been viewed as anti-Christian.” School board members rejected a committee recommendation that the book should stay on the tenth-grade English supplemental reading list with parental permission required.

The decision sparked a backlash and drew national attention. In February 2015, the school district trustees approved policy changes on how the district selects books and handles parents’ objections.

The book has strong language, including racial slurs.

DENVER – A much-heralded Colorado effort credited with significantly reducing teen pregnancy and abortion rates is searching for new funding after GOP lawmakers declined to provide taxpayer dollars to keep it going.

The challenged contemporary young adult book is a National Book Award winner.

It tells the story of a teenager who grows up on the Spokane Indian Reservation but leaves to attend an all-white high school in a farm town.