Error validating image files

Can someone point me in the right direction please.. Thanks to @maytham for his comments which pointed me in the right direction.

btw I have to post that might be interesting for you as Laravel developer, protecting images and adding helpers automatically. What I found out is that the Image Intervention does not do any Validation by itself.

I have read through the intervention docs and I couldnt find info on how image validation works when using intervention with laravel.So by definition - this means the required rule has been meet, and should always pass.The problem is that if the file upload had an error, then the What about executing all those check that you described in the previous message automatically if the field is file and has ANY rule?If the file is validated the user will see a successful submission message and the file will be moved in the specified image folder.The uploaded file failed to pass the validation process?We very much encourage and would love you all to report issues, contribue and discuss this project on Git Hub.The arguments passed on to each event handler are: element: file element which triggered the event value: the value of the element in question master_element: the original element containing all relevant settings The plugin doesn't have any additional languages built-in, but it's very easy to customise the messages to any language of your choosing. NB.: This example has been configured to accept gif/pg files only in order to demonstrate the error messages.All Image Validation has to be done before before its passed over to Image intervention for uploading.Thanks to Laravel's inbuilt Validators like types which makes the image validation really easy.But if you don't already manage your own server-side integration, or if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then this plugin is not for you. So as of April 2014, we've left Google Code behind and will be starting a fresh project on Git Hub.Our other projects (Star Rating & CKEditor will follow shortly).