Error validating client secret

Im using azure active directory for single sign on and im getting an error AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials. Trace ID: fe326c9a-06ee-4bb4-9bbb-88b3c52b0500 Correlation ID: dbb3cae5-2942-47d7-8a28-c91e2d70a34b Timestamp: 2017-04-11 Z My web.config has a client Id and a clientsecret that matches the one in the azure active directory setting for my app, the issuer Url also matches the Tenant Id in my web.config.

In app registrations I have a registration for my app with its app ID (same as clientid in web.config) and a valid ur I, a homepage and a logout URL.

If I run the app from my dev box (reply URL https://localhost:44332) I get the above error, If i run it from azure I get this error 'the page cannot be displayed because and internal server error has occurred' I cant see that ive done anything wrong here, am I missing something obvious ?

This is the third article in the Authentication with Rails series.

Through a number of my previous posts I’ve interacted with the Graph API using client libraries such as the library.

Simple Azure uses the new version of Azure Python SDK to deploy software and infrastructure with Azure Resource Templates.

Sign in with an account associated with the Azure Tenant you are going to interact with.

Depending on what you’re doing you’ll need to select the appropriate access.

It is also worth to mention that guidelines and instructions from Azure official document or other online articles are insufficient to follow, this is understandable because ARM supports with Azure Python SDK is fairly new (as of September 2016) and some Azure services are in ‘preview’ mode.

Similar to AWS IAM service, Azure allows users to have resource access through Active Directory and Service Principal credentials which only require (encrypted) key strings such as client ID, secret Key or tenant ID instead of certificate files generated by openssl e.g. Let’s walk through SDK functions to see how it works. Getting these values is explained from here: but app registrations are not described entirely because Admin consent needs to be done additionally.