Ecuadorian dating customs

Nationals of Ecuador and the USA may import firearms and ammunition if holding a permit issued by a consulate of Ecuador.

The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted under CITES.

As you read the following descriptions of four important Ecuadorian holidays, ask yourself … on the Catholic calendar is the celebration of the birth of Christ.

In Ecuador, Christmas used to be a primarily religious holiday.

The countries of Latin America share many traditions, from Carnaval to Navidad.

Their celebrations are shaped by many elements, including Roman Catholicism, their Spanish heritage, indigenous traditions, and modern influences. Do you think your traditions would seem strange to an Ecuadorian?

citizens are not targeted, but have been kidnapped there in the past. See the Department of State and the FBI webpages for information on scams. Sidewalks in some areas are narrow and poorly maintained. Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments.

The certificate must contain pedigree, species, sex, age, vaccinations and license number of animal.

The elites and those in the upper–middle classes are oriented toward education, personal achievement, and the modern consumerism of Euro–North America.

People in these classes regard themselves as muy culto ("very cultured"), and while they may learn English, French, or German as part of their formal education, most disavow knowledge of any indigenous language.

400 cigarettes, 500 grams of tobacco and 25 cigars;2. 300 milliliter of perfume per person and 600 milliliter of perfume per household;4. gifts; Restrictions: Processed food must be properly sealed or vacuum packed.

Fresh or dry meat, uncanned meat products and all kinds of plants and vegetables must have previous permission from "Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia".