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A pieced quilt is also commonly referred to as a Patchwork Quilt – due to the patchwork like effect the different fabrics give the quilt.

It can be any type of block and virtually any construction technique: Half Square Triangles, Tumblers, Strips, you name it.

Quilting is done to create bed spreads, art quilt wall hangings, clothing, and a variety of textile products.

Quilting can make a project thick, or with dense quilting, can raise one area so that another stands out.

Expensive but well worth it, plus being a Minnesotan how can you go wrong buying from a Minnesota company! If you side sleep or roll around a lot in your sleep this quilt is for you.The process is repeated across the entire area where quilting is wanted.Rocking, straight or running stitches are commonly used with these stitches being purely functional or decorative.When it comes to forming a bond with grandchildren across county and state lines, calling little Annie to ask, “How was your day at school? Using a phone for anything other than texting and photographing is a Hannah Montana-generation horror.You may receive a few grudging moments of attention between soccer practice, homework, and a text message from her But those distracted moments will provide little insight into how Annie is really feeling.While Hewitt, who has five grandchildren, points out that children’s lives change quickly, and long-distance grandparents might feel at a loss when trying to keep up with the day-to-day details, the rewards of sharing activities can last a lifetime. Geri Fox is a professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a member of the AACAP. Fox watched her daughter’s interest in art blossom through a long-distance relationship with her artist-grandmother.Her daughter would write letters and illustrate pictures and mail them to Grandma, who would have the images reproduced on T-shirts and stationery.But long-distance grandparents should not be discouraged. Engaging grandchildren in creative activities can provide a forum in which long-distance grandparents can play a meaningful role. Kramer, who has two toddler-age grandchildren, one of whom is about to move to Europe, uses an online site to maintain a family photo album and videos.The role grandparents play in providing “a sense of continuity beyond the immediate household in which the child lives, continuity over time, across generations, and geographically... “The fact that they’re doing activities loosens up grandchildren so that they are more forthcoming...We learn block construction and the techniques to create quilts that are fit together with squares, rectangles and a few other more advanced shapes .. My court house steps is a variation on the traditional log cabin.After awhile many of us venture into other styles of quilts.