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Most men are afraid of being rejected by beautiful women.

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Both Guangdong and Yunnan Provinces have gender imbalances in unmarried Chinese that exceed 1 million: Guangdong Province currently has 1.65 million more unmarried men than women: a proportion of 112 unmarried men to 100 unmarried women.According to the survey, China’s unmarried population is huge: about 249 million people over 18 years old.This supports the 2010 national census, which also reported that about 249 million 18-and-older Chinese are not married (18.6% of the total population).As I may have pointed out in the past, education is not free in Ghana.So although school technically is free, families must still be able to provide uniforms, books, transportation and food for their school aged children....which can quickly add up.The reason may be because it is safer to “meet” and play with pornographic photos and videos of beautiful women than real live ones. For this reason, it is a shame most men find it more attractive to watch porn than to go and find real live beautiful women to date.The picture of a beautiful woman will not bite you or nag you or throw pans and pots at you or sleep around! Another reason is that most men are looking for entertainment.It’s not easy to find a life partner who is rich and polished, and also Christians!If you are looking for rich Christian singles, then Christian is the perfect place for you, where you can connect with millionaires that are Christians.With only a few universities in the country, only the best students get placements at universities like University of Ghana Legon and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.Furthermore, like most things in Africa, college expenses are paid out of pocket; so this means, you either have the money to go to college or you don't. They date high profile married men, diplomatic staff members and other members of the expatriate community.