Dating the neighbor

"I didn't feel comfortable with the situation, so I decided not to date my neighbor as long as we lived in the same building.

After he moved out of the building, we eventually started dating, but it didn't work out.

New York City apartment buildings often feel like dorms, with young and unattached people filling up a good portion of the apartments.

But with a population that's significantly older — and hopefully wiser — the stakes are much higher.

While things start out fine in the beginning, the situation could become very awkward if and when the relationship goes bad.

Of course, this isn’t as much of a problem if you live in, say, a mega three-tower apartment complex versus a fourth floor walk-up, but then again, you never know whom you might get trapped in an elevator with.

There are advantages to being able to see someone without driving, but the proximity might also sour a relationship.

We've been texting and talking about it a lot lately, and, I kid you not, it's like a scene straight out of the movie (I should add, the bit about the sneezing and "God bless you" has stuck with me my entire life). As such, she finds herself, often, on her little front porch overlooking the bay after her kids are in bed.

So, I decided, with her permission (and a few identifying details changed), to share my pal's situation with you all. She'll pour a glass of wine, put a record on, and watch the sun fade over the horizon.