Dating someone with sickle cell

We have two kids, the first is AA (3 years old) and the second is AS (7 months old).btw his older sister was tested in naija and told she was AA, she was retested over here (UK) and is infact AS, luckily her husband is AA.We had been working on a project together, and when it was all done, we'd exchanged some congratulatory e-mails.In a fit of bravado, I became a little flirtatious in one of my notes.Even if the person should have some of the experiences SS people have, it should be very mild. Which is ur problem , understanding the concept of probability or understanding the English . THERE IS NO " ALWAYS " IN ANY SCENARIO REGARDING PROBABILITY.(Don't forget that some SS people who look healthy, will not want people to know that they are SS)advice, go to a good lab for genotype testing before you go too far. TO BETTER UNDERSTAND, REPLACE THE WORD PROBABILITY IN MY PREVIOUS STATEMENTS WITH THE WORD CHANCE. I am only telling my story, because a lot of people are mis-informed about the kind of life SS people live.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Health / The Facts And Myths Of Sickle Cell Disease (37508 Views) The Facts About Condoms / Misconceptions About People Living With Sickle Cell Disease / Inspirational Tweets Of People Living With Sickle-Cell Disease.

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Physical and emotional care can be time-consuming and exhausting.

This can be important for new caregivers of small children with the disease.

The feeling of helplessness from caring for a sick child or relative of any age can be reduced by becoming knowledgeable about the disease.

When most SS people get to marriageable age, the stigma against them begins.

Forget that so many people are educated and "enlightened" but it is only very few people that are open minded, including people that should know better.... AS or sickle cell trait people can only experience a mild symptoms of sickle cell in areas with low oxygen tension like high altitude, rooms with poor ventilation, etc or they may not have any symptom at [email protected], You are doing a great job in exorcizing the spirit of ignorance which makes people to believe certain stereotypes or stigmatize against SCA patients.