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Besides giving gifts and throwing showers, what can we all do to support married couples and encourage strong marriages?

Read The Full Story › Premarital Inventories Readiness for marriage cannot be scientifically measured, but an inventory helps engaged couples to make sure that they have discussed the most important issues.

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"Even if the church frowns on this behavior, they take it upon themselves to make an educated decision between the two of them."Sussmann paraphrased a common expression she hears from religious patients: "I practice what the church teaches me, but this is something personal between me and my partner." The therapist commented that, in many ways, churches are "fighting an uphill battle because this is nature."According to Sprigg, "there may be a weakness on the part of churches" that explains the gap between sexual behavior and biblical standards.

You can find volumes on romance, intimacy and passion in marriage — not much on being good friends as husband and wife.

But couples can ignite their love life by boosting the quality of their friendship.

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