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It’s too big a decision for me to make without some thought and support from the parents I trust.” The feedback I got confirmed my need to understand the high pressure adolescents are under to be sexual.OHEL provides comprehensive mental health services to those facing acute mental illness and everyday individuals and families confronted by everyday emotional challenges.But after that, the dads will be off to the races, arguing over what constitutes dating these days, with most insisting that for a boy, dating has only one purpose–sex.I once listened in on one of these conversations, which included a few exchanges on how to resist the temptation to hunt down the boy with a weapon (“Go bowling, and pretend each pin is him”).Back talk, eye-rolling, disrespect - if you live with a teenager, these are probably very familiar experiences. Page 1 of 2 As the mom of 8 kids, I get asked dozens of questions about how I survived the countless sleepless nights with my newborns, overcame the struggles of toilet training, and managed to keep my sanity intact while being a stay-at-home mom with so many young children underfoot. Ellen Hendriksen, joins Mighty Mommy with 4 expert tips on how to minimize defiant behavior.

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Individual and family wellness services are coordinated through OHEL’s Regional Family Centers in Brooklyn, Far Rockaway, and Northern New Jersey.Then one father piped up with his story: My daughter began wanting to date a boy her age earlier this year (she was 14).Having no established rules for this, my response was, “Oh boy, Kiddo, I can see this is really important to you.We have compiled all the new songs we released this month into one EP that you will soon be able to download for free.(we will post a link) However, the whole mess with our work permits being denied for our 2012 European tour (see below) left us in debt for quite a lot of money.Disrespect is frustrating - we’ve all been left in the wake of a smart remark, thinking “Did that just happen?” But you can’t force your child to act respectful. You’ll probably never hear “Oh, thank you dear mother for your kind reminder,” but you may get a grunt of agreement and some actual action out of the second approach, rather than a smart remark.The Collective shows are listed in upcoming shows as well! Defiance, Ohio MARCH 2015 w/ Purple 7 and High Dive Friday, March 13th, pm Chicago, IL @ Fizz 3320 N.Lincoln, (tickets) (no High Dive at this show) Saturday, March 14th Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex 4210 Trumbull w/ Bonnie Doone Sunday, March 15th, pm Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes 13200 Madison Ave., (tickets) w/ Meridian Monday, March 16th, pm Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City 1239 Niagara St. But the question I'm asked most often hands down is how to handle a defiant and rebellious child.Hundreds of Mighty Mommy listeners have written to ask for guidance on effective strategies that will turn their disobedient child into one that is respectful and well-mannered.