Dating in baton rouge

Baton Rouge has a unique blend of traditional and contemporary cultures.

When it comes to local dating in Baton Rouge, date ideas vary as widely as our community.

Between Baton Rouge’s Old Capitol Building, the Port Hudson Civil War Battle Site, the numerous historical houses, it’s the perfect city for history buffs.

The people of Baton Rouge know all the best stories and rumors, so your honey will give you the inside scoop.

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Shocking videos of the shooting have been widely shared online and the US Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into his death.

The iconic image was taken as demonstrators, including many supporting the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter, gathered outside Baton Rouge’s police department headquarters on Saturday in protest against the deaths.

Taken by Jonathon Bachman, a New Orleans-based photographer working for Reuters, the image shows a lone woman wearing a thin dress standing stoically in front of two police officers dressed in layers of riot gear, who appear to be hurriedly approaching her.

This higher than usual demand for services is anticipated to last into the long-term recovery period forcing IRIS to adjust its short-term plans and prepare for a major reorganization to respond to the increase for domestic violence services post flood.

Our board and leadership agreed that an annual public event, which involves an extraordinary amount of planning and coordination, was not prudent at this time,” explained Lynne Medley-Long, Executive Director of IRIS.