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Another point of interest in Kuskovo Estate is the only regular French park to have survived in Moscow.

There are ponds, canals and Russian and Italian sculptures in it.

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If you require lunch-package and possible meal alterations please notify the reception a day in advance by 21.00 hours at the latest or in the morning of the day in question by 08.00 hours at the latest.11.

Open fire, smoking, candles etc are not allowed in hallways, elevator or on the staircase.6.

Please use the premises that are at your disposal, equipment and inventory carefully as a good host.7.

Dear guests, We would like to welcome you to our hotel Kimen and inform you in short with our house rules. During your stay please preserve our environment and be rational in water and electricity use.2.

TThe Air conditioning in your room is off when room or balcony doors are open.3. Visits or business meetings can be held in common areas of the hotel like bar, restaurant, hall and not in the room.5.