Dating for vampires

The relationship between the cured vampire doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore and the vampire, Caroline Forbes. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Elena. I remember how you told me that when I was ready for you, you would be ready for me. I think a part of me has been ready for this day since the moment I first saw you, the new mystery guy in the hallway at school. A hundred years from now, I will remember this moment for the both of us.I got this because I'm a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fan and I love vampires.

You will have ba D luck in relationships for the next 10 years DONT READ THIS.

But I feel uncomfortable with the central dilemma that vampires can kill you, but somehow it's your fault if they do and it's your job to protect yourself.

A lot of it was advocating for what would basically be an abusive relationship and feels like advice for how to navigate an abusive relationship, while at the same time firmly in denial that that's what it's doing.

There's a recurring strain in the book that vampire relationships are inherently kind of BDSM-y but reformed vampires are safe to date as long as you can navigate certain problems, and then there's another strain that says vampires are inherently dangerous and it's your job to navigate that.

I feel like one of the writers held one opinion and the other held the opposing opinion and they just sort of blurred that together.