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This leaves the second issue that needs to be resolved from the Great Seal’s "trestleboard" as to the timing of the work: when it was started and when it is scheduled to be completed.

One key to the starting date of this mystical work is magnificently ciphered in the number 888, the sum of the letters in Greek for the name of Jesus (each Greek letter represents a number).

When I looked in the room, there was a band playing, and standing in front of the band was the director, a tall, thin man with blondish long wavy hair, wearing a tight suit - of pink and yellow with silver shoes.

I was looking at three circular objects - colored pink and yellow blended together a bit.

Hall, this date, 1776, representing two messiahs—the rejection of one in favor of the other—is not likely a mistake.

We have seen over and over that the seal’s symbolism leaves no doubts as to the identity of the deity behind the all-seeing eye, or to the prophecy from the mottoes regarding the return of the deity known at various times in history as Apollo, Osiris, and Nimrod.

It is a promise in that Lucifer like Jesus is to return and sit himself down on the Mercy Seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.” His article “THE YEAR OF LIGHT – 5776: Beginning of the End of Time” ( also says that “This study thus suggests that the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact a ‘time machine’, a ‘clock tower’ that has it ‘termination’ point of prophetic time clocked at the year 5776.” That statement reminds me of another author’s comments on the Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza: “Kukulkan’s pyramid is a precessional clock with its alarm set for the twenty-first century,” which John Major Jenkins wrote in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

The end of the 5125 year Mayan Long Count on December 21, 2012 obviously means the ancient Maya attributed some prophetic importance to a new time frame beginning on that date.

As she leaves, I jokingly say not to drink it all at once.

Two hours later, I get to her apartment and find that while reading she has, in fact, downed the entire bottle, so she is fairly tipsy, to say the least.) Girlfriend: “You know I love you, right? I love you, too.” Girlfriend: “No, but not, like, drunk love.