Dating at breaktime

– Break Time, a fast-growing chain of convenience stores operated by MFA Oil Company, has unveiled a customer-focused layout, an enhanced food concept and refreshed branding at its 74th store in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

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And then, you can start to create your own holiday traditions as a couple. They can be a pressure cooker of tension, exacerbating years of stewing anger, resentment and guilt among families.

Maybe there are too many other things going on in your life, maybe you and your partner just can’t get on the same page about something, or maybe you just need some space and time to yourself.

A break can be a chance to gain some clarity about a relationship, or about yourself and what you want.

Or maybe after six weeks, you know this guy is “the one.”But, he's more cautious and doesn't want to go overboard until he's sure this is it. The ability of a person to shop for someone isn't necessarily indicative of his or her level of affection.

Some people freeze up when trying to find that perfect present, while others feel too much pressure and shut down. But just because your someone can't read your mind and pluck the ideal gift from your head like picking it from a catalog doesn't mean he or she doesn't love you enough. Maybe you'll find he really doesn't care that much, and his crappy, half-assed gift is your wake-up call to find someone who does.