Dating air force reserve friendships

Military marriages also bring their own unique set of problems – lengthy separations, repeated readjustments and lapses of misunderstanding and mistrust.

Strong marriages are like strong trees, they must start with the basics and be allowed time to grow.

I have a friend whose husband joined the Navy Reserves after 9/11, several years after they were married.

He’s currently on his second deployment to and she wrestles with the feeling of “this isn’t what I signed up for” as she tries to navigate the suddenly military life with her two young children and running a business. When a couple is separated by time and distance, trust becomes an even greater tool in keeping you close – or splitting you apart.

If you’re returning from deployment or other time away from family and friends, or if you’re undergoing a significant change in your life, such as retiring, moving, or changing jobs, you may not feel as if you are the same person you once were — or you may feel that those close to you have changed.

Perhaps the things your family and friends care about don’t seem as important to you anymore.

Oftentimes, Veterans get closer to their families and friends when faced with challenging situations; yet there are occasions when difficult experiences or unhealthy relationships with family members, friends, or peers can cause excessive stress or challenges.

Many Veterans are dealing with stress related to military family life or challenges that are common to many families, such as finding or keeping a job and caring for spouses, children, or elderly parents.

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