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5 are individual or group actions by Curves franchisee owners alleging such things as breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, negligent misrepresentation, etc. 7 are lawsuits by Curves members allegedly injured on pieces of equipment or on premises. “…We paid ,500 in settlement of all claims filed by said plaintiff [Woodward], and her claims were dismissed from this lawsuit by the Court on 2/13/08. This is the largest group action lawsuit by franchisees against Curves International, Inc.

5 are by vendors, employees and a competitor (Weight Watchers) against Curves International. Confidential settlements have been reached between the 4 remaining plaintiffs and Us… 17 plaintiffs’ claims were dismissed with NO payments being made by Curves International, Inc. As of the date of the FDD, the case is still pending with 81 plaintiff groups remaining.

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