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If we were to count how many tequila-fueled nights with friends we’ve spent passing around our phone to get help with our Bumble profile edit (it’s a thing), it would be pretty fucking embarrassing. Instead what we will do is compile all those little nuggets of advice into one totally comprehensive list of what we think is the best way to build out your online dating profile. Because you’re too busy, you have better things to do, and you’re super cool so you don’t put too much effort into your convo—but you’re thoughtful enough to use his/her name.

adults and 25% of millennials report they have used online dating sites or mobile apps.

Or: “Best guy ever.” — New York Times “Hot and funny.” — LA Times “A keeper.” My mom. The first time I saw it, I thought it was cute and original.

I automatically assume if you write that, then you’re looking for a little fling and that’s it. I assume that if we match on one of these apps, you actually want to talk to me. On Tinder or other swiping apps, if you message first, please please else, I don’t respond. Also, if it’s clear from a profile that you aren’t what the woman is looking for, stop right there.

Wexler, a Portland writer who edited the book "Awful First Dates: Hysterical, True, and Heartbreakingly Bad," has been the recipient of crude, overtly sexual opening lines.

"I couldn't believe that was the first contact this man initiated with me to think that that would ever work." Surprise. But that doesn't stop thousands of men from inundating women with messages in dating apps today's virtual version of a singles bar that are by turns gross, hilarious, objectifying and just plain sad.