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Guy Ritchie’s 2000 film “Snatch” would not be my first pick for a movie that could be massaged into a television franchise — one with 10 hourlong episodes in the bag and possible future seasons lurking on the horizon.

The film is a comedy of capers, where crooked hustlers from every walk of life descend on London to pursue their own selfish ends — whether that’s a caravan, a dog, a couple thousand pounds, or a diamond the size of a fist.

S., and, while the black comedy pulled in a decent sum, its primary accomplishment was of a cult fandom (and earning Guy Ritchie a shot at the big time).

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(Seinfeld openly jokes about looking for his product placement as he drives around.) The conversations are rambling and frank, sometimes hysterical, and sometimes flat and awkward.

With the help of his friend and fellow hustler Charlie (Rupert Grint), the two pull together enough money to put a big bet down on Billy’s upcoming fight.

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But it’s still irritatingly derivative, when no derivation was really necessary.

The first episode gets a half-hour in before slowing down for an overlong fight scene in an illegal boxing match, with all the drama resting on how and when the boxer was going to purposely lose.