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I’m sure if I dropped a few pounds, I could weather the heat a little bit better.” Tropical heat is just one of the many challenges that face Brovont as he contemplates retiring in Central America.

“I thought that, before I got any farther, I ought to make sure that I’m on the right track, or figure out a Plan B,” he said.

Without a set-in-stone agenda, we truly rolled the dice with our first country of choice.

It was between Costa Rica and Chilé, and the coin chose Costa Rica.

Aired 5/28/13 As would-be expats search for beauty, adventure, and cheap living in their golden years, they need to know about the harsh realities that lie ahead should they retire to a place like Costa Rica. Back home, he’s already starting to sell his gun collection — and he’s thinking about selling his house — in preparation for a move.

PLAYA HERMOSA, Guanacaste, Costa Rica — There is scarcely a breeze on the beach in Playa Hermosa, along the central Pacific coast. He has been in Costa Rica for just five hours, having flown in from Albuquerque. Brovont, however, isn’t completely sure that Costa Rica is right for him.

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Actually, Costa Rica is his Plan B; he first investigated retiring to Hawaii, but learned that the Aloha State was simply too expensive for his budget.

He’s hoping Costa Rica will bring him some of the adventure of Hawaii at a fraction of the cost.

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