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Chen Riyuan, a professor from the South China Agricultural University and also a member of the Guangdong Political Consultative Conference, was quoted recently on the ACWF website saying he always suggests that single women who want to pursue doctoral degrees should find boyfriends first.

“It is for the sake of their future life and happiness.

A few days prior to the Single’s Day last year 20,000 single men and women attended a mass dating on an unprecedented scale that was organised by the state-supported All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF).

“But I didn’t stop and say, ‘This is not the film I wanted to make,’”.

Wang decided to follow Ye and her fellow activists to a protest in Hainan province, where a school principal and a government official allegedly raped six elementary school girls aged between 11 and 14 in 2013.

Soon after, state organisations such as the ACWF began to disseminate and promote the concept of ‘leftover’ men and women.

The campaign pulls no punches, aiming many of its jibes at educated men and women who have chosen careers instead of families and continuing themes that have been raised before: “Women with doctoral degrees who are not actively looking for relationships have become a problem,” said Luo Biliang, a member of the Guangdong Political Consultative Conference during a panel discussion at a conference held recently.