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The couple, who racked up 59 points out of a possible 60, delivered a sensational samba with more than enough sizzle for the judges before ending their night with an urban freestyle routine.Kane and Ballas have now held the top spot for three weeks in a row and they definitely have their eyes on the prize.She had such trouble learning new steps that she stayed late after class most nights so that the teacher could help her catch up.Through sheer persistence, she got past her initial awkwardness, and achieved enough competency (and interest) to start competing in child dance competitions.“I am a virgin, I don’t drink, and I don’t do drugs. In the 3rd grade, her parents enrolled her in an after-school dance class. She was a shy girl, and cried when her mother first brought her to class, but she quickly realized if she was going to sit in class for an hour anyway, so might as well learn to dance.There are always temptations, and they come in different ways, but this is really who I am. She started as the worst dancer in the class, and the slowest learner.

The whole shebang began with "Road to the Finals," a special, one-hour presentation of all that led to tonight's big announcement. "She's getting up in front of literally millions and risking falling down or not being very good, and that speaks well for her," said her Uncle Si Robertson.

Chelsie grew up with five athletic older brothers, and spent most of her childhood outside playing sports.

I don’t care what anyone says.” Born on July 21, 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and raised in Orem, Utah.

Chelsea and Marc stayed in touch over the years and they began dating in 2005.

The couple got married in 2010 and they are the parents of two children – a daughter Charlotte, almost 2, and Aidan, one month.