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He is the most productive European player who has ever played in the NHL and is considered one of the greatest professional hockey players of all time.In 1990, at age 18, he was the youngest player in the NHL.After leaving the Rangers, he played for three seasons in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) with Avangard Omsk before returning to the NHL with the Flyers.Jágr is the leading point scorer among active NHL players and has the second most points in NHL history.While much of the discussion about climate change has typically focused on the rainforests and polar ice caps, Mushkegowuk Council is hoping to get government officials and academics to shift their attention on the James Bay Coast, the Boreal Forest and Northern wetlands.A keynote speaker during the summit is Winona La Duke, an internationally renowned activist on issues of sustainable development renewable energy and food systems.The camp is taking place this week at Sudbury’s Gerry Mc Crory Countryside Sports Complex.

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Helicopter-supported exploration at the Eleonore South property, James Bay region.

So three years ago he created the Hockey Camp of Hope, a camp for Aboriginal players only, where they can feel comfortable on the ice while growing their skill set and learn more about the game and everything that surrounds it, including some of the challenges unique to Aboriginal athletes.

The camp moves around throughout Ontario, but has settled in Sudbury during the summer where Cheechoo and his group can spend a week with a group of elite players who have dreams of playing at the game’s highest levels.

Then they can take these exercises and continue them in their First Nation communities.

Vern Cheechoo, director of Land & Resources for Mushkegowuk Council which is hosting the two-day summit, said Elders on the Coast along with hunters and trappers have noticed marked changes in the local climate.“In Moose Factory where I’m from, we used to be able to go out in the bay and hunt geese and there were thousands of them,” said Cheechoo. The travel routes of migratory birds have changed and whether that has to do with climate change, we’re not sure.”“We’re bringing in all these scientists together to talk about what research has been done, what exists and identify the gaps as to what we need to do to look at in the wetlands to form a baseline information on the wetlands so we can use that when it comes to the environmental assessment for (future mining developments within) the Ring of Fire,” explained Cheechoo.