Bt home hub not updating

"By a 'small number of customers'," Adam claimed, "they mean all customers on Home Hub 5 type A routers, on Infinity – and by 'occasional loss' they mean enough dropped connections to make streaming, Vo IP, and VPNs unusable." The Register has not been able to confirm whether all Home Hub 5 type A users on Infinity were affected, but has seen several complainants on forums mention using type A routers (see here too).

He added: "The relevant firmware 'upgrade' was pushed out on 21 Jan and only one of the three people I’ve spoken to their side was even aware of the problem – still awaiting a fix." has separately heard from other readers who have claimed that BT continued to deny there was any problem with its Home Hub 5 late last year.

These errors occur because of the Smart Setup enabled on these routers for BT broadband customers.

The BT Home Hub 5 was one of the fastest ISP-supplied routers around when it was first introduced.

It's been overtaken in the performance stakes by the new BT Smart Hub, which is much faster, more reliable and has greater range, but there are plenty of you still using the old version and there’s life in the old dog yet.

The problem seems to have stemmed from a firmware update, with a member of the Google Cast Community Team saying on the support forums that it is down to "a Chromecast Audio running firmware 1.21.72444 on select wifi routers."Related: Chromecast Audio review Now Google has advised users affected by the problem to find a working router which they can use to connect the Chromecast in order to update to the latest firmware.

Once connected to another router, Chromecast users should use the Google Home app Preview Program option to download the version 1.22.77272 firmware update which comes with a bug fix.