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Crows Increasingly, scientists find that crows and their relatives have exceptional birdbrains, proving extraordinarily adept at crafting twigs, leaves and even their own feathers into tools.Researchers have even discovered that crows might learn to drop stones in pitchers to raise the height of water inside, just like in Aesop's fable.Puzzle categories here include animals, art, cars, castles, Christmas, food, kids' puzzles, people, and many more.There's also a nice fullscreen option, a save feature, and more. This site offers a nice roundup of free dot-to-dot puzzles that are fun and challenging for both kids and adults.This nifty, easy-to-use freeware program lets you watch over 1,500 TV channels worldwide via your broadband connection. Here, you'll find loads of puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, lateral thinking problems, "spot the difference" pictures, advanced puzzles for geeks and brainiacs and a monthly puzzle contest.

"If we haven’t seen this colour before, how will other people see things we paint it with? The relative simplicity of the new technology could also impact on the consumer market, as researchers claim accessing the colour does not cost "extortionate" amounts.The puzzles are in PDF format that you can download and output from your printer.This site offers a fun collection of free online games that you can play in any browser.Then the bad news arrives: Leslie (Trin Miller), the bipolar matriarch of this unusual clan, has lost her battle with depression, taking her own life in an institution.Ben, a newly single parent, packs his half dozen charges into a van and heads south to New Mexico for his wife’s funeral, despite strict instructions from her resentful parents to stay far, far away.Tragedy leads paradoxically to comedy, and suddenly Captain Fantastic is conforming to the crowd-pleasing template of a road movie, as Ben’s principles clash with the plugged-in culture encountered en route. " Couric exclaimed, prompting an uncomfortable chuckle of acknowledgment from her guest."Ladies?!To those outside his bubble, it can look at best like a form of child abuse, at worse like a cult: the nuclear family as survivalist militia.But audiences weaned on a certain strain of festival favorite, the kind brought of age in the charitable hype chamber of Sundance, will see something cuddlier and more familiar in the Cash family.What are Ben and his offspring really but the latest in a long line of lovable misfits too free-spirited to be tamed by “normal” society?Captain Fantastic comes on like a portrait of life on the fringe, set in a backwoods boot camp for perfect citizens in training.