Blackberry podcast not updating

While using some BB10 apps, you get a foreboding feeling of something about to crash it tingles.Take the Sports Tracker for Black Berry, an app that tracks your run or bike ride using GPS. In an interview on April 7, John Chen said that Black Berry has no plans to release new Black Berry 10 devices.Yet these Android devices might have a limited life, too, as Chen has said publicly several times that if Black Berry couldn’t make their device business profitable, then they would get out if it.What I don’t like about the app, however, is that it does not have a system that allows you to put up a playlist of episodes (albeit a minor annoyance). This technology allows the you subscribe and stay updated via almost any device.There's no longer a need for third-party apps and jumping around between your music and podcasts, since you now have a one stop shop.Google Play Music's podcasts are missing a couple features, like being able to queue up multiple episodes from different podcasts, but features like that are likely forthcoming.

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Nobex offers granular control over episode downloads – allowing you to manually choose and queue episodes to download.

You may use any Podcast Client suitable for your Device.

Click on the Standard RSS Podcast links on the respective Channel, Reciter or Speaker page you wish to subscribe to.

All our podcasts allows one to use any third-party podcast client (catcher) you like especially for those on Blackberry, Windows and other platforms.

For those not familiar with Podcasts, simply use this website which is Smartphone and Tablet compatible.