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The ring bearers, we discovered quickly, were Madden’s brother Joel and Nicole Richie’s five-year old son, Sparrow; the bridesmaids Richie, Drew Barrymore, Cameron’s sister Chimene, and her assistant Jesse Lutz. He’s mine…” Whether by accident or design, Diaz’s semi-secret wedding provoked more enthusiasm than an eight-page spread in Hello! “When Drew, Reese, Nicole and Gwyneth all tip up at your home at the same time one morning, swiftly followed by the wedding planner to the stars and her giant white marquee,” says Jade Beer, editor of Brides magazine, “I’m afraid your secret is out, Cameron.

“I waited because I didn’t want to settle,” Diaz’s wedding speech reportedly began. But in keeping her wedding under wraps for this long, Diaz has managed to get the world even more interested in it.

The comments prompted an angry outburst from Diaz, who ranted at the host: "I'm sure you've never been through it...

Benji has been a little more reserved, keeping his heavily tattooed body under wraps in vests and shorts.

When news of the wedding broke the following day, fans and idle priers were astonished not so much by the union as the fact that the Good Charlotte front man and the most eligible bachelorette in Hollywood had managed to keep it semi-secret.

Semi, because although the paparazzi were successfully thwarted and even Diaz’s neighbours were under the illusion that the 42-year-old star of Something About Mary and The Other Woman was throwing a party to tee up this Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, tantalising details of the ceremony (right down to the Stephanotis adorning the marquee) flooded the internet within hours.

The pair have been spotted taking trips out to the middle of the ocean in a speed boat and diving off the edge of the boat together.

While Cameron fully embraces the sea, Benji prefers to keep his cap on for a quick dip.