Beauty geek nate jennylee dating

Actually, it was more like something that plopped onto my shoulder, like bird poop.

The plop, er, happened as I was going about my business as a junior anthropology major at Harvard.

If you want to play dirty, as in the case of , don’t provide enough beds for all the house guests to have their own.

Free swag, a designer dress, and a surefire way to make next season of favorites, and sure, he’s a nice guy in that smooth talking, Don Draper adman-turned-reality-show-contestant-dating-the-girl-a-decade-younger-than-him kind of way.

I must give Beauty and the Geek props for fiddling with its format from season to season.

Even without the changes, the show still is more watchable than other reality competitions being shown nonstop like Top Model and Dancing with the Stars.

They were, incidentally, completely overshadowed by the looming technical questions: "How is this going to get figured out by the end of the show? I just never bought them as real people or as a team and so I can't believe that they've come anywhere, let alone 'this far.' Grade: C Stray observations: -I've seen LARPing in real life and I didn't realize until now that what was most lacking was a soundtrack and sound effects.

Oh damn, they're not going to figure this out by the end of the show! -If Sam can get a piece of ass by doing that Matrix dance, then God bless him.