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Please log in to our online portal to view details of your housing benefits payments or council tax.If you live in Leeds and pay rent you can apply for help towards your rent by claiming Housing Benefit.ESA has a medical test, called the Work Capability Assessment, that is broken into two parts: the first determines if you are entitled to ESA at all and looks at your ability to carry out everyday activities.If you are blind or partially sighted, the most relevant activities within the Work Capability Assessment are about your ability to get around out of doors independently and communicate with other people.

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Read more and apply The income support supplement is a means-tested payment that is paid to eligible war widows and widowers in addition to their war widow's or widower's pensions.ESA has two phases: first, an assessment phase during which Jobcentre Plus assess your capability for work.Secondly, a main phase when you receive the full rate of ESA - depending on which group you are put into.If you have a partner and you both meet the eligibility criteria, you and your partner will each receive a card.Read more and apply You should complete this application if you are already getting a disability pension from DVA and an age pension from Centrelink and you want DVA to pay your age pension.Go to the sections below for more information about this.Eventually you will be migrated to Universal Credit and the DWP will let you know when this is likely to happen.Working age residents in these postcodes, who need help with their rent, must claim Universal Credit from the Department of Work and Pensions for help with their housing costs. All other working age residents If you are not single without a child and do not live in SM4 or CR4, may claim Housing Benefit. Single working age residents with no children If you are a single person with no children you should go to GOV. If you are not eligible they DWP will tell you and then you are eligible to claim Housing Benefit to help with your housing costs.Read more and apply This application should be completed by a serving or former member of the Australian Defence Force, an eligible civilian, or a person on a special mission who would like to know if they have rendered qualifying service.Commonwealth and Allied Veterans' should complete the paper form at the following link application is for Australian resident veterans of service pension age (or have a permanent incapacity) with qualifying service and you wishing to claim an income support pension.