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Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, the Sheffield duo who record as Slow Club, have a knack for patient, confident evolution.The band's new record continues their developmental trend: Taylor and Watson have taken a large, proud step into the world of soul.Their debut, 2009's Yeah So, was a collection of peppy, straightforward folk-pop that earned the band comparisons to pairs from the White Stripes to the Fiery Furnaces; by 2011, they had moved on to a richer, more tonally diverse sound, one captured by their strong sophomore effort Paradise.The band's new record, Complete Surrender, continues their developmental trend: Taylor and Watson have taken a large, proud step into the world of soul.Slow Club have deftly managed such a feat over the course of 10 years and four albums.Originally hailing from Sheffield, England, the duo, composed of multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, now reside in different cities Watson in London and Taylor in Margate. It became the one agreement we had going into the process of making another record.Slow Club's journey from a ramshackle twee-pop outfit into a wonderfully creative outfit of remarkable depth has proved to be one of British music's more under-stated passages over the past 10 years.

-based musicians who make up the band Slow Club, aren't boyfriend and girlfriend? They sing a lot of love songs but not to one another, and so I'm not sure if their song "Christmas TV" is based on any real experience or not, or which one of them it's about, or if it's about either one of them at all. It came out in December, but despite that—and the title, and the conspicuous scarves and sweaters on the album cover—it's not really a holiday song.

The transformation is comprehensive: arrangements move and swing, newfound emphasis is placed on rhythm, blooming horn sections hold court, and Taylor taps into a reservation of emotion and sheer vocal power that was kept hidden on the band's earlier records.

But even as Slow Club moves from sound to sound with each new full-length, the core of their appeal—their unique relationship and vocal interplay—remains uncompromised.

That's how long my boyfriend Joe and I have been together, most of that time spent 120 to 330 miles apart as we juggled college and work and grad school and each other. Because I know he probably is.) By now, we're close to being masters at it, but it's still hard?

hard in a way that's both simple and incredibly tricky to express.

Are charles watson and rebecca taylor dating