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GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Lakewood School District is supporting "sexual predator, star athlete" Chad Curtis by asking if his teen victims "asked for it" when he sexually assaulted them at school, attorneys for the girls charge.

The district said the issue of consent, irrelevant in Curtis' criminal case, could be important for a jury hearing the million civil case against Curtis and the school district.

To her horror, Miranda is pregnant after one single night with Steve.

After she told the girls including her intention to abort, Charlotte walks out envious and disgusted; Carrie tells Aidan after making him swear not to tell, so he must sit by how his buddy Steve may loose his baby without even knowing, and goes see waiter Chad, the ignorant father of her aborted child years ago.

"Defendant Curtis devoted the majority of his response to rehashing his baseless contention that Plaintiffs ...

A judge earlier ruled that the plaintiffs could use pseudonyms. The filing was public for several days and included photos of one of the victims.

Does anyone know the name of the song that runs at the end of the episode when Carrie is talking to Aidan while they wait for their reservation? I've checked the HBO site and doesn't have the entire episode's music list.

I've literally been looking for the song since the episode first aired. I've gotten a 30-second download of the song but it doesn't contain enough of the lyrics to find it.

"He also says things like, "I was IN love with you, but I never got the chance TO love you," which is logic-less horseshit that proves Luke needs to go back to a small Texas town and do small Texas townspeople things, like rebuild a tractor engine with only a flathead screwdriver and some masking tape, or try out for 10 more reality television shows. The note reads: "Robby, I can tell you really love Jo Jo. Jo Jo is visually touched by the note, and her fears seem to melt away like the semi-hardened fudge topping atop a soft-serve ice cream cone on a hot Thailand day. Of course Robbby's beard-line is way too tight to be truly trusted, but Jo Jo doesn't seem to notice or care.

Banging someone on national television (or, just off it) is no small decision! : No, but she tells us viewers who can keep secrets that she does love him, although she has some concerns. Do not get down about all the negativity surrounding your past relationship. But they're all grabby and kissy and have been for weeks and weeks.