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It really made me unafraid to feel very comfortable in a home environment; fixing things, cooking, doing dishes and laundry.”Do you know what a catch that makes you to women – that you’re domestic in that way? Team work makes the dream work.’ And they’re like ‘Nah nah nah – get out of here.’ That’s how I grew up; my mom would cook and I would clean and wash the dishes – and that’s how we would get it going.”Who do you consider wifey material in the celeb world? Often, there are negative assumptions and I don’t think that is fair. If I decided that all lawyers were scumbags because of what people say about lawyers, then I would hate every lawyer.“Let me tell you; I’m single right now, but when I’m dating a girl, they usually kick me out of their kitchen because as they’re cooking, I’m cleaning up behind them and they’re like, ‘Stop! And there are some very good people who are lawyers.The two-time F1 world champion this week revealed via Instagram his relationship with stunning Italian model Linda Morselli.Mc Laren-Honda's ace and the beauty had been linked since July when she started being seen with Spaniard attending races.The Woking-based Mc Laren reveal their new car on Friday ahead of the first test in Barcelona on February 27, and the first race in Australia on March 26.

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Alonso had been linked to Mercedes GP to replace Nico Rosberg – but the team ended up hiring Valtteri Bottas.

Source: WENNFor the most part, actor Laz Alonso is a mystery.

We see the tall, brown, and handsome Afro Latino bringing all sorts of charm on the big and small screen, but when it comes to his personal life and — more importantly to us — his dating life, we don’t know much. Our sister site Lossip recently had the chance to chat with the 39-year-old about his work with Proctor & Gamble’s “Try It & Love It campaign” and they gleaned some interesting insight into the handsome Cuban’s childhood and how that has affected his romantic relationships as an adult.

Rossi and Morselli had previously been engaged, but the couple split early last year – with reports the breakup happened at the Moto GP test in Sepang, Malaysia.

The model could reportedly no long cope with the "long distance" relationship with the legendary Italian racer.