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No serious injuries were reported as a result of the mop fight.

Cheap, ultraportable video technology has freed bystanders at street fights to do more than simply shout, "Fight! The result is a growing online video archive of informal fisticuffs.

The Moscow street fight began when two men from the car in front confronted the occupants of the car behind, pulling them onto the street and leading into an all-out fist fight.

The shocking violence only ended when members of the public intervened.

One guy spoke a little bit of English and asked what was going on.

ATLANTIC CITY - A video that appears to show two teens brawling on an Atlantic City street corner before a bystander approaches to stop the fight has drawn millions of views since it was posted Monday.

Instead of braving the hellish local outpost in Red Hook, I ordered my bookshelf online.

We'll figure it out outside.' Then we walked outside and he followed me into the back of this alley and we started fighting.

I hit him once, and he called over to a bunch of guys in the parking lot.

But "The California Kid's" toughest battle came while vacationing in Bali back in 2006 when Faber literally had to fight for his life in a scene straight out of a Hollywood action movie.

I was on vacation in Indonesia, and my buddies had to leave early, so I ended up being by myself in this club.

Adult dating contacts street fights